Mrs. Wolfe

English 11

American Literature

2019-2020 School Year

Room 104


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Office Hours and Academic Overtime:

B Block

American Literature

In this unit, students will explore the different facets and genres contained in American Literature. Some of the genres included in this class are as follows:

  • Beginnings/Colonialism/Puritans
  • Enlightenment
  • Romanticism
  • Realism
  • Moderns
  • Contemporary 

With each time period through the growth of American Literature, we will explore a mix of fiction, nonfiction, informational texts, and poetry.  Throughout the course of these units, students will read, write, create, present, and most of all learn and grow.


Essential Questions for this Course:

  • What is an American?
  •  How does literature create conceptions of the American experience and American identity?
  • What are the distinctive voices and styles in American literature? 
  •  How do social and political issues influence the American canon?
  • What characteristics of a literary work have made it influential over time?
  • What can we learn today from American literature classics?
  • How will we shape the future of American literature?



Classroom Expectations:


Effort in the classroom:

Being that this is your junior year in high school, it is expected that you come to class everyday prepared and ready to work with the proper materials. As per school policy, phones must be off and put away during class. Any phone seen during class will be turned in to the front office and will have to be picked up after school.




Academic Overtime Expectations:

As per the school rules of Academic Overtime, you are EXPECTED to arrive on time to academic overtime if you are earning either a D or an F in this class. While attending academic overtime, no phones, talking, or distracting other students is allowed. Failure to attend academic overtime will result in an absence, as well as administrative repercussions.


Equality Statement:

The instructor is dedicated to establishing a learning environment that promotes diversity of the students including race, class, culture, religion, gender, sexual identity, and physical ability. It is important that this is a safe classroom environment. We will practice being generous and respectful members of our classroom community. There is ZERO TOLERANCE of discrimination in this classroom. Anyone noticing discriminatory behavior in this class, or who feels discriminated against, should bring it to the attention of Mrs. Wolfe immediately.


COMPUTER OR PRINTER PROBLEMS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS EXCUSES FOR LATE WORK. Always make copies of your work and save them until the term is over. Print out drafts of your work as you go. Computer or printer problems will not be accepted as excuses for late work; if your printer doesn’t work, email your assignment to yourself as an attachment and then print from one of the computer labs, e.g. the library. Leave yourself enough time to recover from printer problems. Back up your work. Please put your name and page # in the Header, use standard font and margins, double-space, and staple all work. You must have your paper printed before entering the classroom and ready to turn in during the class period on the day that the assignment is due.


PLEASE use the restroom before class.


TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONES before class. Cell phone disruptions will adversely affect your grade.


IN THE CLASSROOM, mature conduct is, of course, expected at all times. In case there is any confusion about this, here are a few of the very basics: Don’t roll your eyes and sigh when you disagree with what someone is saying. Don’t interrupt your classmates. Don’t talk (or whisper) (or pass notes) when they are talking. Insults (even when you are “just kidding”), dismissive tone or body language, and interjections off of topic are obviously inappropriate and they will adversely affect your grade.



“No Name” Papers:

No credit will be given to any “No Name” papers.




Do not represent someone else’s work as your own. Bear in mind that plagiarism, even when unintentional, is a serious offense with serious consequences. This includes copying someone else’s in-class assignments.

Posting pictures of completed assignments for ANY CLASS on any social media site IS CHEATING. All associated assignments will be counted as zeros.



Theft of any kind will result in immediate administrative action.